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05 Apr, 1:30 pm

Experience the Benefits of Floor Barre into ballet for pre and professional Dancers with Kim Amundsen.

Why Start Floor Barre as a student and professional Dancer?

Discover the advantages of embracing Floor Barre, a specialized technique designed to enhance your dance journey as an adult. Explore the unique benefits this practice offers:

  1. Muscle and Joint Strength: Floor Barre corrects alignment, enhances muscle strength, and nurtures joint health, all while minimizing the impact of gravity.
  2. Tension Release: This gentle yet effective approach elongates and strengthens muscles, alleviating tension from the neck and joints.
  3. Alignment Improvement: Concentrate on body alignment to optimize muscle efficiency, rectifying improper structural habits.
  4. Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention: Widely adopted by professional ballet dancers during injury periods, Floor Barre offers a safe, low-impact method for rehabilitation and injury prevention.
  5. Core and Leg Toning: Through a structured barre à terre program, naturally tones essential abdominal, hip, and leg muscles.

Floor Barre Class Details:

Join our Floor Barre class to experience the advantages firsthand. It’s a longer class in three parts. Starting with Floor Barre on the floor, preparing the body for Barre work and Centre practice. The session spans 2 hours and consists of the following:

  • 30 minutes of focused floor work.
  • 30 minutes of traditional barre exercises.
  • Application of learned techniques in Barre à Terre.
  • 60 minutes of invigorating centre work.

Taught by Kim Amundsen, a seasoned dancer and instructor with over 12 years of experience, our Floor Barre sessions are designed to enhance your turnout, flexibility, and core strength. Kim's approach involves individual alignment correction, addressing common mistakes, and catering to injuries or joint discomfort.

Boris Kniaseff Floor Barre Technique:

Rooted in the technique developed by Boris Kniaseff, our Floor Barre classes offer a holistic approach with influences from ballet moves. Kniaseff's renowned "barre à terre" or "floor barre" method, known for its effectiveness, is employed alongside ballet principles to sculpt fine muscles, restore core strength, and centre both body and mind.

About Kim Amundsen:

Kim Amundsen, a graduate of the prestigious Ballet Academie Munich that belongs to the Bavarian state Ballet, boasts an extensive career with renowned ballet and Contemporary companies worldwide. Having trained with distinguished institutions and performed with acclaimed troupes, Kim's expertise extends to teaching ballet, Contemporary dance, and Boris Kniaseff Floor Barre technique on a global and international stage.

Join us in exploring the transformative potential of Floor Barre. Elevate your dance practice, improve alignment, and embrace a holistic approach to well-being for all pre and professional dancers.




05 Apr
1:30 pm


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