Choreographic Fellowship

Carlos Acosta choreographic fellowship

Carlos Acosta Choreographic Fellowship 2024

Unlock your creative journey with the Carlos Acosta Choreographic Fellowship (CACF), an empowering award providing professional choreographers and artists with a stipend (up to £15,000) to forge new pathways, develop innovative tools, and cultivate systems that transform them into dance creators and innovators.

Diverse artists from all backgrounds are welcome to apply for the 23/24 CACF, where candidates will be selected through an inclusive and transparent three-round peer-review process, ensuring equal consideration for all eligible applications.

At CACF, we champion unrepresented artists, aiming to benefit as many talented choreographers as possible. We firmly believe that by fostering interconnected communities of artists, we can generate significant impact and drive substantial, system-wide change through the power of dance.


About the Program:

The groundbreaking Carlos Acosta’s international fellowship, launched in 2023 with lead support from Acosta Dance Foundation, Acosta Advanced Training Hub and Acosta Danza, brings together one emerging artist/choreographer who serves as the creator of a new piece. As a program dedicated to ballet choreographic development, the Fellowship reinforces the core mission of creating a dancer in every home by prioritizing the generation of new works by fresh voices.

Artists from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Candidates for the 23/24 CACF will be identified through an open application process. All eligible applications receive equal consideration through a three-round peer-review process (pre-screen, panel review and panel interview). Peer reviewers will be selected by Carlos Acosta and will aim to represent the diverse pool of identities, geographies and dance disciplines reflected in the applicant pool.

Carlos Acosta Choreographic Fellowship

Application fee: £ 22

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