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22 Oct 2023, 11:00 am

Introducing RastaDance: A Journey of Conscious Movement with Yasser D'Oquendo

About Rasta Dance

Rasta Dance is not just a dance class; it's an exploration of movement, a dance method, an invitation to connect with your inner self, and a celebration of unity, freedom, and spiritual awareness. Guided by the talented Yasser D'Oquendo, a professional dancer and instructor, this contemporary workshop promises to be a life-changing experience.

What to Expect & what's the Rasta Method:

  • Body Awareness: Yasser will lead you through a series of techniques and exercises designed to deepen your connection with your body. Discover newfound levels of body awareness as you explore your own potential.
  • Mindful Breathing and Relaxation: Experience the power of relaxation and self-connection through mindful breathing techniques and tension-releasing exercises. Find inner calm and rejuvenation.
  • Flexibility and Injury Prevention: Through stretching exercises, enhance your flexibility, and expand your range of motion. Learn to protect yourself from injuries and move with grace.
  • Improvisation: Unleash your creativity and spontaneity with improvisation. Find your unique artistic voice and express yourself fully, deepening your connection with your inner self.
  • Floor Techniques: Master the art of moving gracefully on the floor. Use it as a source of support and expression, granting you greater freedom of movement and a profound connection with the earth.
  • Acrobatics with Safety: If you're ready to push your limits and explore acrobatic movements, Yasser will equip you with the necessary tools and guidance, ensuring your safety while you reach new heights.

Yasser's Inspirational Journey

Yasser D'Oquendo's journey from overcoming injuries and physical limitations to creating the Rasta Dance method is nothing short of inspiring. Trained at Danza Contemporánea De Cuba, Yasser developed this method to enhance his skills and recover from injuries. Now, he shares his expertise and knowledge with others.

Having taught Rasta Dance to a wide range of audiences, including children and non-dancers, Yasser's focus extends beyond physical training. His goal is to empower individuals, fostering a deep love for their bodies and helping them connect with their authentic selves through movement.

Your Journey to Self-Discovery Begins Here

Join our vibrant Rasta Dance community and embark on a journey of personal growth, self-empowerment, and holistic transformation. Experience the profound impact of conscious movement on your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary workshop with Yasser D'Oquendo. Whether you're an experienced dancer or someone curious about movement, Rasta Dance welcomes all, transcending boundaries and making conscious movement accessible to everyone.

Book your spot now and discover how Rasta Dance can be a powerful tool to transform your dancing life. Embrace the privilege of conscious movement and take the first step towards a lighter, more connected journey with your body.


22 Oct 2023
11:00 am



2 hrs


Advanced, Improvers, Professionals






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