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12 Feb - 14 Feb 2024, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

London 2024 Martha Graham Masterclass

Join us from February 12th to 14th, 2024, at the Acosta Dance Center for an immersive Martha Graham Masterclass. Led by a distinguished faculty member from the Martha Graham School in New York Penny Diamantopoulou and Martha Graham School Alumna, Aleth Berenice, this workshop is a unique opportunity to delve into Martha Graham's Technique (TM), Philosophy, and unleash your choreographic creativity.


Technical Immersion: Dive deep into the essence of Martha Graham's Technique through morning sessions exploring contractions, releases, spirals, oppositions, and off-balance movements. Experience comprehensive sessions encompassing floorwork, standing poses, and across-the-floor exercises, all at the discretion of the Master Teacher.

Creative Empowerment: In the afternoon sessions, unlock your raw creative potential by delving into various tools and techniques for choreographic creation. Drawing inspiration from Martha Graham's evolution as a creative visionary, participants will discover their unique artistic voice and creative power.

For All Dance Enthusiasts: Whether you're an advanced dancer, professional, intermediate, dance pedagogue, or enthusiast, this workshop caters to everyone passionate about Martha Graham's legacy and dance pedagogy. Observational slots are also available for those interested in the pedagogical aspects of the Graham Technique.

Registration Options:

Full Three-Day Experience: £ 150

Single-Day Pass: £ 55

Teacher Observation Pass: £45 (Limited availability)

Workshop Structure:

Morning Session (10 am-12 pm): Graham Technique Class Experience an intensive exploration of Graham Technique covering floorwork, standing poses, and movement sequences under the guidance of our esteemed instructors.

Afternoon Session (1 pm-3:30 pm): Choreographic Creativity Workshop Delve into a world of choreographic innovation, drawing from Martha Graham's legacy. Unleash your creativity through practical exercises and explore tools for crafting unique choreographic expressions.

Experience the essence of Martha Graham's dance philosophy and unlock your creative potential at the London 2024 Martha Graham Masterclass. Reserve your spot now for an enriching journey into the world of dance and choreography.

About Penny (guest teacher):

Penny Diamantopoulou, born and raised in Athens, Greece, commenced her dance journey in Classical Ballet and Modern Dance. After graduating with a dance teacher's BA degree from the "Anna Petrova" Professional Dance School, she furthered her studies at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in New York. As a former member of the Martha Graham Dance Ensemble, she has had a significant impact on the dance community, serving as a faculty member at the Greek National School of Dance and "horohronos" Professional Dance School. With extensive experience in teaching, reconstructing, and restaging Graham repertory, Penny collaborates internationally, imparting her expertise in workshops and masterclasses across Europe. She is the founder, choreographer, and artistic director of ARTHROSIS Dance Company, showcasing her work since 2003 in various venues and festivals worldwide. Penny's profound influence extends beyond her roles as a dancer and teacher, as she has co-created a lecture-demonstration program exploring the connection between Martha Graham's choreography and ancient Greek mythology. Through ongoing collaborations and contributions, Penny Diamantopoulou continues to play a vital role in the global dance community.


12 Feb - 14 Feb 2024
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

3 days


16 +


Advanced, Dance pedagogues, Dance Students, Dance teachers, Expert, Introduction, Open Level, Professionals



Martha Graham



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