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15 Dec, 6:00 pm

Contemporary Flow with Vive Khamsingsavath

Elevate Your Dance Experience: Unlock the Power of Contemporary Flow

Are you ready to embark on a transformative dance journey? Join us for an exhilarating workshop led by the talented Laotian American dancer and choreographer, Vive Khamsingsavath, commonly known as Vive. Dive into the world of contemporary dance, where the boundaries of movement are limitless. This workshop is designed for intermediate dancers, pre-professionals, and professionals seeking to expand their horizons.

About Vive Khamsingsavath:

Vive's dance journey has taken him across the globe, performing at renowned venues and captivating audiences. He's graced stages at The Shed, Lincoln Center, Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, Broadway at Bryant Park, and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. His talents have shone on national television, with appearances on shows like The Today Show, The View, and Good Morning America. Vive's passion for dance extends beyond the stage; he's choreographed for prestigious events and brands, leaving a remarkable imprint on the dance world.

Vive's dedication to the art of movement extends to his role as director at Dance United, an organization providing cultural dance workshops to underserved public schools in New York City. Here, he empowers students to find their voice through dance, fostering communication, trust, and teamwork skills. He also dances for Battery Dance Company, spreading the joy of dance through programs like "Dancing To Connect."

Class Description:

In Vive's workshop, you'll step into a space designed to help artists connect with their emotions and express them through movement. The journey begins with a meditative warm-up, a fusion of meditative exercises and a choreographed flow inspired by Qi-Gong, enriched with elements of deconstructed ballet and jazz vocabulary. Improvisation takes centre stage, as you embark on various tasks to explore your unique dance voice. The workshop seamlessly weaves in floorwork elements, providing a comprehensive dance experience.

The phrase work delves into the heart of the contemporary movement, where you'll experience the fluidity of Flow and the intricacies of the Floor. Each part of the class naturally flows into the next, creating a continuous dance narrative that encourages growth, self-discovery, and an unbreakable connection to your inner dancer.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the limitless possibilities of contemporary dance with Vive Khamsingsavath. Elevate your artistry, and let your movement tell your unique story. Join us for an unforgettable dance experience, where creativity knows no bounds.


15 Dec
6:00 pm

16 +


2 hrs


Advanced, Intermediate, Professionals

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