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08 Aug, 7:00 pm

Capoeira Classes with Luiz de Sousa at Acosta Dance Centre

Embark on a thrilling journey into the vibrant world of Capoeira with Contramestre Sarue Luiz de Sousa at the Acosta Dance Centre. As part of the Capoeira Muzenza group, led by the legendary Mestre Sargento, our classes blend over 50 years of expertise with the rich Afro-Brazilian heritage of capoeira, encompassing dance, music, and martial arts.

About Capoeira Muzenza: Founded in 1972 by Mestre Burguês, Capoeira Muzenza is a global authority in Afro-Brazilian capoeira, imparting not just physical movements but also cultural richness, history, and philosophy. Recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, capoeira is a captivating art form that seamlessly combines martial arts, dance, gymnastics, and music.

What to Expect: Our Capoeira classes cater to all ages – from tykes to teens and adults – fostering an environment where tradition meets creativity. Under Contramestre Sarue's guidance, students delve into the authentic movements and music of capoeira while also exploring their creative expressions within the game.

Benefits of Capoeira: Beyond physical fitness, Capoeira is a holistic discipline promoting self-discipline, self-confidence, communication, tolerance, teamwork, fitness, flexibility, endurance, and concentration. These crucial life skills are nurtured in a supportive and challenging environment.

Community Engagement: Participate in shows and events, locally and across the UK, as we educate the public on the roots, traditions, and joy of modern Brazilian and Afro-Brazilian capoeira. Our group's emphasis on excellence empowers individuals to contribute to a better society.

Join the Capoeira "Family": Capoeira Muzenza Sarue invites everyone to face and conquer new challenges, exploring capoeira and life as a means for self-expression. Embrace Brazilian history and culture, and experience the unifying power of capoeira that brings together people of diverse backgrounds.

Unleash your potential, discover the artistry of capoeira, and become part of a community that values each individual's journey towards excellence. Capoeira Muzenza Sarue at Acosta Dance Centre is more than a class; it's an immersive experience that transcends physical boundaries and connects hearts through the rhythm of Afro-Brazilian culture.


08 Aug
7:00 pm


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