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14 Mar, 4:15 pm

🌟 Discover the Magic of Afro-Cuban Dance for Kids! 🎉

In a world bustling with constant motion, our little ones must pause, soak in the melody, and embrace fantasy, poetry, and nature. Our Afro-Cuban dance workshop for children is not just a class; it's a journey into a vibrant universe where music, rhythm, poetry, and nature converge.

Our Vision: We aim to captivate children's hearts and minds, fostering a love for learning and self-expression through Afro-Cuban dance and music. Our unique approach, rooted in our inner child's perspective, creates a magical space where creativity flourishes.

The Afro-Cuban Experience: Embark on a fascinating journey into Afro-Cuban folklore and dance! Our workshops immerse children in Afro-Cuban musical theatre's lively, colourful, and expressive world. Guided by experienced facilitators, the children actively participate in creating this magical universe.

What Sets Afro-Cuban Apart? The Afro-Cuban tradition stands out as one of the richest musical traditions globally. Its technical intricacies and expressive body language are naturally intertwined with song, oral history, and rhythmic traditions. Rooted in the history of Cuba, Africa, and the diaspora, Afro-Cuban theatre brings together diverse African traditions, making it a versatile and poetic showcase.

Engaging Activities:

🎶 1. The Songs: Dive into Yoruba songs, understanding their meaning and mastering the art of singing and dancing.

🥁 2. Rhythm: Explore Afro-Cuban batá rhythms through vocalization, clapping, and playing various instruments.

💃 3. Exercises, Preparation: Fun and practical exercises for strength and flexibility.

🕺 4. Dance: Experience the magic of Afro-Cuban dances representing life force and human nature.

📖 5. Stories and Expressions: Unleash creativity through magical storytelling, followed by discussions and individual expressions.

🎭 6. Theatre and Drama: Learn character presentation through gestures, speech, and facial expressions.

🎨 7. Makeup and Crafts: Engage in creative craft activities, adding a personal touch to the magic of Afro-Cuban culture.

🎉 8. Collective Moments: Enjoy collective dancing, singing, and a final performance party with parents—crafted entirely by the children!

Join us in creating a memorable experience where children explore Afro-Cuban culture, develop essential skills, and celebrate the magic they bring to the stage! 🌈👣

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14 Mar
4:15 pm

6-8 Years old, 9 – 11 Years old

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1 hr






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