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29 Aug - 30 Aug 2024, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

 Building Unity Through House Dance

Join us for an exciting two-day workshop with the world-class house dancer Miyu, focusing on building unity through the vibrant and expressive art of house dance. This workshop is designed to cater to dancers of various skill levels, offering both an introductory choreo class and a more intensive step class for those with some experience in house dance.

Session 1, days 1 & 2 (10-11:30 am): Choreo Class

Title: Discover the Joy of Dance with Miyu’s Original Choreography
Level: Introductory - Beginners

This class offers an opportunity for everyone to experience an original choreography by Miyu and discover a fun and new world of dance. Miyu’s unique style and creative approach will inspire you to explore the foundations of house dance while enjoying a supportive and energetic environment. No prior dance experience is required, making this class perfect for beginners who want to dip their toes into the world of house dance.

What to Expect:

  • Learn an original choreography created by Miyu
  • Understand the basic movements and rhythms of house dance
  • Experience a fun and inclusive class environment
  • Build confidence and enjoy the joy of dancing

Session 2, days 1 & 2 (12:30-2:00 pm): Intensive Step Class

Title: Elevate Your Steps: From Basics to Creative Expression
Level: Beginners - Intermediate (Recommended for those with house dance experience)

This intensive class focuses on the intricate steps of house dance, developing from simple steps to more creative and complex sequences. Miyu, a world-class house dancer with numerous titles, including the prestigious JUSTE DEBOUT 2017 WORLD FINAL champion, will guide you through a structured progression of techniques. This class is ideal for dancers with some experience in house dance who want to enhance their step skills and explore new creative expressions.

What to Expect:

  • Deep dive into house dance steps and techniques
  • Progress from basic to more advanced steps
  • Develop your creativity and personal style in dance
  • Receive personalized feedback and tips from Miyu

About Miyu

Born in Tokyo, Miyu started dancing at the age of eight and is a world-class house dancer with numerous domestic and international battle titles to her name, including World Champion of the world's most prestigious battle competition, "JUSTE DEBOUT 2017 WORLD FINAL," at the age of 19. Her grooves as if she is playing music with her light and flexible steps, and her radiant smile brimming with love for dance captivates many people all over the world. She is also active in various fields, such as workshops and lectures at educational and public events, fashion modelling, advertising and media appearances, aiming to elevate dancers' social status.

東京生まれ。8歳からダンスを始め、弱冠19歳で世界最高峰のバトル大会「JUSTE DEBOUT 2017 WORLD FINAL」のワールドチャンピオンに輝くなど、国内外のバトルで多数のタイトルを持つ世界的ハウスダンサー。 軽やかでしなやかなステップで音楽を奏でるかのようなグルーヴとダンス愛に溢れたとびきりの笑顔は、世界中の多くの人々を魅了している。 さらにダンサーの社会的な地位向上のため、教育現場・公共イベントでのワークショップや講演、ファッションモデルや広告出演、メディア出演など、様々な分野で活躍中。


29 Aug - 30 Aug 2024
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

16 +


Beginners, Intermediate, Introductory



Full workshop (2 days, 4 classes), 29 Aug (1 day ONLY (2 classes), 30 Aug (1 day ONLY 2 classes), 29 Aug Choreo class ONLY, 29 Aug Intensive step class only, 30 Aug Choreo class ONLY, 30 Aug Intensive step class only



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