July 21, 2023


July 21, 2023 8:58 pm

Orishas – Representing the Elements of Nature:

Orishas form the basis of Afro-Cuban dancing. They heavily influenced the evolution of Cuban folklore dancing. For many Cubans, Orishas are much more than just a dance; it’s a religion and a culture. Orishas are the Yoruba/Santeria religion’s gods. Each of these gods looks a certain way, with a story and a character. Religious ceremonies are a Cuban spectacle as the practitioners attempt to portray them through dance.

In addition to the story behind each Orisha, nine have a unique dance corresponding to their own musical incantation, accompanied by special drumbeats played on the Batá.

The Orishas’ dance is an interesting one; it challenges one’s body to move in non-trivial ways. Once connected to the rhythm, one can almost feel the divine connection.

Today, the Orishas have become a fantastic display of colour and history and a portrait of life itself. In this class, you will be guided through steps, generic movements, body isolations and character traits that, in modern Hollywood, would be portrayed as the superheroes themselves.