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INTRODUCING THE Acosta Dance Centre

AATH +16

We are thrilled to unveil our exclusive AATH +16, a training initiative by the Acosta Dance Centre designed for aspiring classical ballet dancers. Launching in September 2024, this programme, artistically led by the legendary Carlos Acosta, promises a unique training experience marked by artistic and technical excellence, coupled with unwavering pastoral care.

AATH +16

The programme

The AATH +16 stands as a unique and distinct extension of the Acosta Dance Foundation’s Advanced Training Hub. Unlike the Foundation’s programs, the AATH +16 is a payable initiative designed for aspiring dancers aged 16 and above who are seeking professional training. Spearheaded by the legendary Carlos Acosta, this program introduces his distinctive training method to nurture dancers under his expert guidance. What sets the AATH +16 apart is its exclusive focus on dancers aged 16 and above, offering them an opportunity to delve into a comprehensive curriculum that integrates various dance genres, including classical ballet, modern dance, Cuban folklore, choreographic composition, and repertoire from the award-winning Acosta Danza. The program not only aims to cultivate technical prowess but also endeavors to instill a holistic understanding of dance, fostering creativity, discipline, cultural appreciation, and essential human values. This transformative experience is designed to shape aspiring dancers into well-rounded individuals who derive joy from their artistry while continuously growing both artistically and personally.


Philosophy and Cause

The AATH +16 integrates excellence in dance training with compassion for students and faculty, aiming to create a transformative experience. Our philosophy centres on cultivating creativity, discipline, cultural appreciation, and human values, fostering holistic development in aspiring dancers.

Educational Approach:

Our comprehensive training method seamlessly blends classical ballet, modern & and contemporary dance, Cuban folklore, Cuban dances, choreographic composition, and repertoire from the acclaimed Acosta Danza. This program ensures a robust foundation across diverse styles, empowering students to leverage multiple forms in their professional growth.

Example of Daily Schedule:

  • 9:30 am – 3:00 pm: Ballet, Contemporary, Pas De Deux, Repertoire, Strength and Conditioning, Pointe, Virtuosity, Cuban Folklore, Cuban Dances, Acosta Danza Repertoire, and more.



  • £14,000 spread over three terms and payable in instalments if needed.



At present, there are no bursaries or additional financial support. The Acosta Dance Centre, together with the Acosta Dance Foundation is working on a bursary support package to offer students from Sept 2025. 



Fees for the AATH +16 programme can be managed conveniently with options for full payment, two or three equal instalments per term. Payment dates are structured from 1st July 2024 to 1st April 2025. 

Instalment 1: Payable by 1st September 2024: £4,667

Instalment 2: Payable by 1 January 2025: £4,667

Instalment 3: Payable by 1 April 2025: £4,667


To ensure seamless enrollment, the first arranged instalment must be settled in full before the commencement of the course in September 2024 or the first working day of September.


Flexible payment methods include direct debit, standing order with your bank, or bank transfer, providing ease and convenience for parents.

Additional Costs for Parents:

Parents are responsible for covering the costs of travel and accommodation in London for international students or those residing outside London. This is applicable each half term and during exeat weekends when the Acosta Dance Centre is closed. All students will receive a free demi-pointe shoe allowance (x 1), courtesy of Sansha.

Any requests for private classes or individual training initiated by parents will be invoiced separately at the end of each term.

Please note that the fees do not include food provisions, and parents are advised to make arrangements accordingly. We are committed to transparency and providing a clear overview of additional costs associated with the AATH +16 program.

More Information: If you require additional information about the AATH+16, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email at info@acostadancecentre.com or give us a call at +44 330 500 21875



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Price: £25.00
Terms and Conditions for the Acosta Advanced Training Hub + 16 (AATH +16) Eligibility: a. The Acosta Advanced Training Hub + 16 is open to dancers aged 16+ who have successfully partly or fully completed their vocational training. a.aa The programme will run from September 2024 until July 2025. b. Applicants must demonstrate a strong passion for ballet and contemporary dance and show potential for a professional dance career. Application Process: a. Entry into the AATH + 16 is subject to an application and workshop-based audition process. b. All applications must be submitted within the specified deadline. c. The Acosta Dance Centre reserves the right to accept or reject any application at its discretion without providing a reason. Venue and Facilities: a. The AATH +16 will be conducted at the Acosta Dance Centre, located in Woolwich Works, Royal Arsenal, London. b. The Centre boasts state-of-the-art dance studios, providing an ideal learning environment for participants. Fees and Expenses: a. The AATH +16 stands as a unique and distinct extension of the Acosta Dance Foundation's Advanced Training Hub. Unlike the Foundation's programs, the AATH +16 is a payable initiative designed for aspiring dancers aged 16 and above who are seeking professional training. By submitting this form, you agree to pay a £25 application & audition fee to cover administration & audition costs. The application/audition fee is NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of the outcome of your application & audition. b. Participants are solely responsible for their own accommodation, travel, and personal expenses. Commitment and Attendance: a. Students accepted into the AATH are expecte to commit to the duration of the programme fully. b. Regular attendance and active participation in all classes, workshops, and performances are mandatory. Code of Conduct: a. Students are required to adhere to a professional code of conduct, including punctuality, respect for instructors and fellow participants, and the cultivation of a positive and supportive learning environment. Media Release: a. The Acosta Dance Centre reserves the right to use photographs, videos, and other media materials captured during the AATH +16 for promotional and educational purposes. Changes and Cancellations: a. The Acosta Dance Centre reserves the right to make changes to the programme schedule, curriculum, or teaching staff if necessary. b. In the event of unforeseen circumstances or insufficient enrollment, the Centre reserves the right to cancel or postpone the AATH +16, with appropriate notification provided to participants.


Reach the Acosta Dance Centre in just 18 minutes from Tottenham Court Road Station with the Elizabeth Line.

20 minutes from Bond Street.

23 minutes from Paddington station. 

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