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28 May - 01 Jun 2024, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Welcome to "Cuban Ballet Boy" (CBB), an exclusive ballet intensive crafted exclusively for male dancers aged 14 to 20. This programme is meticulously designed to provide a pre-professional experience that delves deeply into the art of ballet technique and masculinity. Led by Carlos Acosta and a group of distinguished Cuban male dancers and professional performers, this immersive five-day ballet intensive offers personalized attention within small class sizes, ensuring a focused and tailored learning environment.

The Cuban Ballet Boy program concentrates on honing the unique traits of Cuban ballet technique with a keen emphasis on the male form in ballet. Our curriculum encompasses key elements that characterize the Cuban school's exceptional approach to ballet technique. Our Cuban instructors emphasize the cultivation of turning prowess, extreme positions that define the Cuban style, the elevation on jumps, a defining feature of Cuban male dancers, the dynamic attack of the Cuban Ballet School and last but not least, the programme will encapsulate the intangible quality of relationships between male and female dancers inherent in the Latino culture, reflecting chivalry, sensuality, and temperament.

The training of Cuban male dancers embodies a rigorous and specialized approach aimed at refining technique and fostering artistry.  Our intensive will place particular emphasis on male technique, giving special importance to the Cuban turning prowess and its meticulous take-off preparation, strategic utilization of arms and head for rotational movements, and executing powerful attacks. Male students will achieve remarkable feats, effortlessly mastering the Cuban pirouettes and showcasing precise control by halting rotations on demi-pointe. The programme will also work on extreme positions such as relevée, passé, and arabesque, distinctive features of the Cuban style. Male dancers will be coached to attain refinement in all positions including a specific focus on male jumps. Cuban dancers are renowned for their exceptional "ballon," a hallmark of achieving weightlessness and suspension during leaps and jumps.

Additionally, the Cuban Ballet Boy programme will sharpen dynamic attack through barre exercises, instilling sharp accents in leg movements and rapid footwork, resulting in assertive, confident performances that exude energy and intensity. We will add male repertoire and give students the aspects of mastering a full variaton "the Cuban way".

Furthermore, the Cuban Ballet Boy intensive will instil an unspoken conversation between dancers, reflecting chivalry, sensuality, and temperament inherent in the Latino culture. This interaction often embodies the emotional depth and connectivity in the performances of Cuban dancers like Carlos Acosta.

Join us at Cuban Ballet Boy and immerse yourself in an intensive program meticulously designed to refine male ballet technique, celebrate masculinity in ballet, and encapsulate the essence of Cuban ballet tradition. Elevate your skills, explore the artistry, and experience the intricacies that define the captivating world of Cuban ballet technique.

NOTE: The full teacher's outline for this intensive will be revealed soon.

Limited spots are available.

2 groups of only 18 male dancers each.

Group 1 (18 dancers 14-16 years old)

Group 2 (18 dancers 16 + years old)

Classes include:

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Jump & Turns
  • Male Solos
  • Técnica Cubana
  • Folklore
  • Body weight and stamina
  • Acting & much more

For more information about this intensive please email info@acostadancecentre.com


28 May - 01 Jun 2024
10:00 am - 5:00 pm





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